Our Team

Kevin Keck | Founder/CEO

Kevin Keck is a graduate from Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan with a BA in Biology. With over four years experience as a Certified Residential Appraiser, Kevin has completed over 3,000 appraisals ranging in value from $5,000 to over $3 Million. With an expertise in real estate and a strong vision for opportunity in situations most are blind to, Kevin has always looked to develop ways for improving voids current markets are unable to fill. His motivation stems from his sincere and selfless desire to help provide a better way of life to others who truly need it.

Ken A Debus | Founder/CCO

Ken Debus is a graduate of Adelphi University in New York with his BSN in Nursing. He has spent the past three years working within the Intensive Care Unit where he has had the opportunity to care for and understand those dealing with the absolute most difficult time in their lives. Much like purchasing and selling a home, severe illness isn't something most have much experience with. As an expert mediator, manager and educator, Ken has developed a unique skill set to comfort and assist those from every walk of life. Ken brings skills crucial to the superior development and maintenance of all customer and business relationships. He is a lifelong learner with an absolute passion for knowledge and is always finding new ways to improve himself as-well-as the world around him.

Anthony Rappa | Chief Technology Officer

Anthony Rappa is a graduate of SUNY Farmingdale University in New York with a degree in Computer Programming. While in college, Anthony turned his after hours hobby of creating and selling simple, medically based apps via the iTunes Store into a code writing skill set now capable of destroying worlds. When he's not hunched over the keyboard creating mind blowing code, he's out in the field saving lives. Anthony spent years as an Ambulance Chief in Suffolk County, NY, and is currently still certified as a Critical Care Technician. Anthony specializes in large scale web applications that run on the cloud, and are built with time proven principals and coding standards to ensure future compatibility. Anthony is also currently the lead programmer at Generations Beyond, a digital marketing agency on Long Island.

Brendan Bailey | Graphic Designer

Brendan Bailey is a graduate of Hofstra University in New York with a degree in Graphics, Web, & New Media Design. Brendan's creative endeavors began at a young age by drawing elaborate pinball machine designs with pencil and paper. Eventually this lead to creating fully functional digital designs for play on the PC and a career as a graphic/digital media designer. Brendan has come to understand and love all aspects of design and is now the creative director at Generations Beyond, a digital marketing agency on Long Island.