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Buyers Love Our Virtual Tours

Geography and time does not limit potential buyers of your home. Buyers love that no matter their situation they can walk through and experience your home entirely online. Each listing comes with a free virtual tour to give you an edge that no other realtor can provide.



Adjust to match the value of your home

When we sell your home, you will retain more of the equity you have built, close faster, and only be charged or lower - a fraction of the typical listing commission of our competitors. See the results for yourself, check out our Simpli Listing page.

Our Guarantee to You

Full Service Michigan Realtors at a Fraction of the Cost

We are full service Michigan Realtors who get to know you personally, answer all of your questions, and provide you with professional service. For a listing commission of only or lower, our experienced agents will guide you through each step of the transaction at a fraction of the cost of the other real estate companies.

Everything Starts with a Free Pre-listing Consultation

Whether you plan on buying or selling first, our free pre-listing consultation is essential to set you up for success. Below is a list of what to expect to learn during your Free Pre-Listing Consultation:


Tips to Prep Your Home For Sale

Explain the Showing and Negotiation Process

Go Over The Cost


Generate a Strategy To Find Your Dream Home

Develop a Financially Feasible Plan

Gain Tips To Avoid Common Home Buying Mistakes

Match You With An Experienced Mortgage Lender

We make it a priority to explain all of the steps in the real estate transaction and answer any questions you may have. All this will be for free during your pre-listing consultation.

More Research, Accurate Pricing, Better Results

After your pre-listing consultation, your Simpli Realtor will research and analyze the market before determining your home value estimate. Unlike some websites or other realtors, we do not come to your home with a predetermined home value before seeing the whole picture. We take into account all of the improvements and hard work you've put into your home. This allows us to provide you with the most accurate pricing which leads to better results!

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